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Prediction on Life Events

Branches of Vaastu


There are different branches of Astrology. The main branches of astrology are Natal, Horary



Branches of Lal Kitab


These are some of the special features of Lal Kitab’s astrology. They may look strange but it should be remembered that the basis of astrology in Lal Kitab is palmistry. Some of these features are useful in suggesting remedies.



Elements of Astrology


There are different elements in Astrology i.e. Arias, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and



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If you are looking for astrology to link
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Birth stones have meanings. Do you know what they are? How did these stones get associated with different birthdays? This article will answer those questions

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Arjuna's Indecision

Take my chariot, Krishna, between the two camps; let me know my enemy before I fight him. Who are the ones gathered here for bloodshed, flatterers of evil Duryodhana on sacred Kurukshetra?

Arjuna said "I have seen my kinsmen for war; my mouth is dry with fear, my limbs refuse to listen to me; trembling seizes me; my skin chafes and divine bow slips from my hand.

I would not kill them, not for the three worlds, let alone the earth, O Krishna. I had rather they killed me.

Their reason obscured by greed, they may see no evil in the disunion of brothers, in hate against friends; but we, Krishna, we, the clear of mind who understand right and wrong; should we not refrain from such evil acts?"


The Path of Yoga

The Arjuna, sad in the middle of the battlefield, Krishna, as if smiling said:
"You mourn those, Arjuna, who do not deserve mourning. The learned mourn neither the living nor the dead.

Do not think that I did not exist, that you do not exist, that all these kings do not exist. And it is not that we shall cease to exist in the future.

The untrue never is; the True never isn't. The knower of truth know this.

The Vedas are a useless pond to a person aware of his self, a pond when water has flooded the land. Steady in Yoga, do whatever you must do; give up attachment, be indifferent to failure and success.

This equilibrium is Yoga."


The Yoga of Action

Arjuna asked "If as You say, Krishna, knowledge excels action, why do you urges to me this terrible war.

Krishna replied, "At the time of a person's birth, Arjuna, two methods are offered; for the contemplative the Yoga of knowledge, for the active the Yoga of action.

No one reaches the state of rest through inaction and abandonment of work does not lead to perfection. For look, not a moment gives rest, not a moment is without work.

Food is the cause of life, from rain is food born; ritual gives rain and ritual is born of Karma. Karma comes from the Vedas and the Vedas from Brahma. His life is Futile, who is not aware of this wheel's revolutions, who lives merely to wallow in his senses."


Yoga's Renunciation

Krishna replied, "You and I, have many births, Arjuna. I can recall them all, but you cannot.

Though birth less and unchangeable and supreme. I am born through my Maya, defying the laws of Nature. The man who approves the divinity of my birth and the miracle of my work, discards his body and is not born again.

Knowledge will remove your bewilderment and you shall see all creation in yourself and in me.

Work will not fetter him who shelters in the Atman. Discipline purifies his work, Arjuna and knowledge dissipates his disbelief."


The Yoga of Renunciation

Krishna again replied, "Renunciation and activity both liberate, but to work is better than to renounce.

A man who commands his senses and vanquishes his body, who see one's Atman as the Atman in all, who purifies his mind before he performs his deeds such a man is not sullied.

Though seeing, listing, smelling, eating, walking sleeping, breathing, talking, holding and discarding, he should say."


The Yoga of Meditation

Krishna again replied, "whoever does work selflessly combines renunciation and activity, not one who does not work or rejects the prescribed duties.

The Atman is the means of spiritual achievement. On no account should the Atman be harmed. It is your best friend, do not make it to subdue it; at enemy of the man who does not.

Even a man who merely asks to be enlightened in Yoga is superior to the performer of mechanical rituals.

The yogi who persevere, revolves through numerous births before reaching the supreme goal."


The Yoga of knowledge

Krishna continued, "Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Mind, Intellect and egoism; these make up Nature.

There are four type of good men who worship me, Arjuna., the sorrowing the truth-seeker, the seeker of bliss and the wise man.

The wise man steadfast, devoted to me is the best among these. I love the wise man, Arjuna; he is dear to me."


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