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What is Feng Shui?


Feng Shui is the Art of harnessing Wind and Water. Feng Shui is also about capturing the Dragon's vital breath breath or Chi, the force that cand outdoors, on land, in water, across mountains.


Chinese signs are calculated by the year, month and day



Feng Shui Tips



Elements of Astrology


There are different elements in Astrology i.e. Arias, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and



Color your CAR !!


Select your kua number according to chinese astrology by your year of birth. Also get the corresponding color of your car from you kua.



Diseases and Cure


If you are looking for astrology to link
with health and diseases. Here is the solution to your
question. Below are few links to known diseases.

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Signifies of Houses

First House Fundamentally signifies body, besides fame, limbs, appearance, life, soul, habits, wisdom, mood, activity, age, beauty, high life, knowledge, health, inclination, strength, stature, politics, place of birth and head.


Second House Face, family, eyes, speech, thoughts, prosperity, memory, domestic happiness, wealth, food, ear, learning, intelligence, savings, anger, pecuniary affairs, relations, metals, observation, right eye, tongue, nails, precious gems, taste and in-laws.


Third House Brothers, besides anger, ears, neck, meals, skill, sisters, friends, travels, ornaments, enterprise, war, power, help, medicine, right arm, voice, servants, heroic deeds, capacity, ability, battle, speech, writing and family.


Fourth House Mother, land, houses, education, relations, wells, gardens, comfort, lineage, residence, water, travels, clothes, falsehood, true words, property, fields, art, heart, friends, nectar, the end of life, reputation, love of work and perspiration.


Fifth House Sons, daughters, success in speculation, lottery and gambling, father, honor, mind, investments, religion, joy, belly, stomach, hearing, feeding, merry making, drinking, eating, father's generosity, genealogy, advice, skill, care, cooking and love affairs.


Sixth House Enemies, disease, debts, servants, inferiors, wounds, troubles, obstacles, sorrow, misery, poverty, maternal relations, fear, boils, step-mother, theft, superstition, injuries by weapons, intimidation, bad habits, diabetes, recovery from illness and fear of shame.


Seventh House Marriage, generosity, respect, lust, partnership, enjoyment, lawsuits, death, holy places, love affairs, desires, sunset, trade, dealings with women, love of betel, public affairs, losing the way, sexual conduct, music, dance, freedom, character, duration of wife's life, daily earnings and litigation.


Eighth House Life, sin, sorrow, hell, rebirth, personal property of marriage partner, nature of death, happiness in food, trouble, dowry, suddenly acquired wealth, lotteries, loss, danger, loss of limb, loss of money, enmity, cruelty, legacies and windfalls, gains through insurance and sexual organs.


Ninth House Guru, Father, faith, medicine, kindness, benevolence, morality, purity of mind, honor, credit, father's possession, luck, spiritual learning, good company, fame, irrigation, happiness which wealth can buy, future, long journeys, travels, religious and legal affairs.


Tenth House Profession, living, kingdom, trade, employment, honor, credit, reputation, activity, deeds, persons in power and authority, treasure, titles, business and success, gifts, presents, pride, mercy, worship, living in foreign, lands and countries, knowledge, status, mother-in-law, service, profession, success in life, prestige and long distance journeys.


Eleventh House Profits, earning by self, elder brother, hopes, wishes, mother's prosperity, sisters, income, cooking, left ear, acquisitions, legs, son-in-law, patrimony, dependence, insight, vehicles, loss of wealth, total income, clothes and success in business.


Twelfth House Losses, travels, secret, enemies, imprisonment, sin, spending, giving physical troubles, defamation, mental anxiety, loss of sleep, misery, dignity, sacrifice, left eye, prosperity in profession, self-destination, distress, back-biters, treason, suicide, journey, setting abroad, waste of money, bed comforts, luxuries, gains through religious and gains through adversaries.
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