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What is Pujja?


Puja is nothing but a reflection of ones belief in God. It is a blind faith of a person in God. It is possible to reduce the suffering due to the unfavorable position of planets through sincere reliance on God, the One who controls the planets.



Planet Sex


Each and every planet nature is also define in astrology books, just like sun, mars, Jupiter are categorized in Male and moon, mercury are categorized as female.



Planets and the Taste


Sun: Pungent, Moon: Saline, Mercury: Mixed, Mars: Bitter



Parts of Body


Found here the certain parts of the body and as well as diseases. This Chart pinpoints the most likely troubles.



Birth stones have meanings. Do you know what they are? How did these stones get associated with different birthdays? This article will answer those questions

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Vaastu Maps

On Line Evaluation for Plot:

  Fill the score by seeing the points of relevant direction for the aspects listed & rate the property of your choice. How this Evaluation works is very simple. The common aspect & common views are ‘over generalized’ to become codified as  points. These points are awarded as per the directions chosen by you, on the scale of 3 to 10. The most beneficial is 10 & the least beneficial is 3.  
The total points earned by you are rated as follows:
up to 40 Average.
41 to 70 Good.
71 to 88 Very Good.
Above 88 Excellent.
Happy speculating.
Questions Score
Which side is the plot facing?
Facing Set Points
East 10
North East 9
North 8
North West 7
South East 6
West 5
South 4
South West 3
Are there any spearing road?
Direction Set Points
East or North East 10
North or North East 9
West or North West 8
South or South East 7
East or South East 6
North or North West 5
West or South West 4
South and South West 3
Which is the side the plot is sloping towards?
Side Set Points
North East 10
East 9
North 8
North West 7
South East 6
South 5
West 4
South West 3
Which is the side the plot is raised towards?
Direction Set Points
South West 10
West 9
South 8
South East 7
North West 6
North 5
East 4
North East 3
What is the shape of the plot?
Shape Set Points
Square with North East extended 10
Square 9
Rectangular 8
Hexagonal 7
Octagonal 6
Circular 5
Any other shape can be rectified? 4
Triangular or other shape which can be rectified? 3
What is the quality of the soil?
Quality Set Points
Yellowish red with pleasant smell 10
Reddish with pleasant smell 9
Yellow with pleasant smell 8
Rocky with good surroundings 7
Sandy with good surroundings 6
Sandy with unpleasant odor 5
Rocky with unpleasant odor 4
Black and marshy soil 3
Are there any extensions?
Type Set Points
Square or rectangle with extension in North East 10
Any shape having even number of sides with extension in North East 9
Any shape having odd number of sides with extension in North West 8
Extensions in South East 7
Extensions in North West 6
Extensions in West 5
Extensions in South 4
Extensions in South West 3
What is the angle of the tilt with respect to the Magnetic Axis of the earth?
Angle Set Points
0 - 5 10
5 - 10 9
10 - 15 8
15 - 20 7
20 - 25 6
25 - 30 5
30 - 35 4
35 - 40 3
What are the Surroundings?
Kind of surroundings Set Points
A lake or water body towards North East 10
A lake or water body towards East 9
A lake or water body towards North 8
An electronic substation in the South East 7
An electronic substation in the North West 6
A hill in the South West 5
A hill in the South 4
A hill in the West 3


Bhagavad-Gita and Yoga




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