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Branches of Lal Kitab


These are some of the special features of Lal Kitab’s astrology. They may look strange but it should be remembered that the basis of astrology in Lal Kitab is palmistry. Some of these features are useful in suggesting remedies.



Parts of Body


Found here the certain parts of the body and as well as diseases. This Chart pinpoints the most likely troubles.



New! Vaastu Tips


We had listed NEW few areas of your interest for which we are giving you some tips of designing and keeping your belongings according to Vaastu



Chinese Astrology?


The origins of Chinese astrology started develop in the time period equated with the Middle Ages in the West.

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Do you know planets have therwe own features like there substances, sex, elements and also they have there own taste.

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Relationship of VAASTU and Astrology it still an unanswered question.  I was asked this question various times and I too asked this question to various Vaastu experts. The  Star Online article also supposed to answer the same question but in my opinion - it is not able to answer. This post is based on what I think regarding this astro - vastu connection.

Vaastu can be briefly classified in below heading

  • Understanding Directions

  • Selections of site

  • Veedhi Shoola

  • Orientation

  • Offering to the Plot Diety

  • System of Measurement

  • Ayadi Shadvarga

  • Brahmasthana

  • Laying the foundation

  • Digging the wall

  • Compound walls

  • Main door

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Vaastu is more of a fixed science. Vaastu Purusha are of three types. Nitya Vaastu, Sthira Vaastu and Chara Vaastu. Vaastu is an old science and the modern Vaastu dates back to Brihat Samhita of Varahamihira. It means Vaastu was there even before Varahamihira who collected different related sciences in his encyclopedia of astrology and related sciences known as Brihat Samhita. Although Brihat Samhita is an astrology centric book, but mentioning Vaastu there itself means some relation between both the sciences. Varahamihira doesn't mention any relation between planets and Vaastu. So it becomes somewhat difficult question to answer. First mentioning Vaastu in an astrology book and then not telling the relation between both.

Although Varahamihira has not mention any strict relation between Vaastu and Astrology and you will not find any good book on the same subject yet there is one book that can help us in relating both of them. Being a student of Lal Kitab, I believe that it is the book that can best answer this question. In Lal Kitab we can find here and there, the answer of this question. But the problem is the Vaastu in Lal Kitab is altogether different from Vedic Vaastu. But I believe that Vaastu can be best utilized as a mix of Vaastu and Astrology especially Vedic Vaastu, Lal Kitab and Vedic Astrology.

Once during development of one Vaastu software, I asked the same question to one Vastu expert. In his opinion Astrology is supreme and Vaastu is only a supporting science. One cannot expect dramatic results with Vaastu alone. If the planetary placements are not good in one's chart, Vaastu cannot help him much. He has given me an example of faith and medicine in medical science. According to him, for any disease to cure, there requires faith as well as medicine. A disease cannot be cured without medicine and faith can help us healing it faster. So in his opinion Vaastu is faith and Astrology is medicine.



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