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Items on come with Warranties and Guarantees. These basically ensure peace of mind while shopping.

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Warranty  Warranty

Good sellers on astroandvastu usually offer certain types of Warranties. These could be either replacement or repair Warranties.

A Warranty means that if there is any fault with the item, the seller or the manufacturer may have it replaced or repaired. When you buy an item which is covered by any of Warranties mentioned below, it means that your purchase is protected up to different levels, depending on Warranty offered.

It is advisable to read the item description thoroughly and clearing all your doubts regarding the Warranty by using the 'Ask seller a question' facility provided on the Item Page.

Please note that any Warranty offered has its own set of User Agreement, which are set by the seller. These are mentioned by the seller on the Item Page. We advise you to read the same carefully. Also note that the Warranties are offered by the sellers on astroandvastu and NOT by

Following are the kinds of Warranties typically offered by sellers on astroandvastu and their explanations:


  • Manufacturer's Warranty: Again, this is a Warranty specifically offered by the original manufacturer of the product. It means that the manufacturer will repair the product within a certain time period if there are any manufacturing or other defects found in it after the purchase.

  • Dealer Warranty: Here, the seller offers to repair the product within a certain time period if there are any manufacturing or other defects found in it after the purchase.

  • Replacement Warranty: The Dealer or the Manufacturer offers to replace the product during a predefined period and for predefined manufacturing or other defects.

Money Back Guarantee   

Most items on astroandvastu come with a Money Back Guarantee. When you buy an item covered under a Money Back Guarantee, it means that, if there is any problem with the item, you have the option of returning it to the seller and getting a refund. The seller may only deduct certain amounts such as the cost incurred in shipping the item to you and refund the remaining amount of your payment.


  • Always read the seller's remarks (in the item description) very carefully to find out if the Guarantee is 100% or not. Sellers offer various percentages of Money Back Guarantee like 75% of the item price, 50% of the item price, etc.

  • You need to contact the seller and claim a refund within the time frame specified by the seller from the date of receipt of the item in order to avail of this Guarantee.

  • Please ensure that the item is in its original condition and packing in order to avoid any disputes.

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