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1. Make an appropriate and attractive listing

2. Offer Warranties and Guarantee

3. Be courteous to your buyers

4. Give prompt ratings

Make an appropriate and attractive listing

Listing your item
is the most important and critical aspect of selling on Keep the following points in mind while listing:

  • Give an attractive title, description and image for your item. Remember, this is what the buyers will see on the Item Page before they decide to buy your item

  • Your item in the appropriate category. If you are selling a Old Stone, list it in 'Old Stones' instead of 'New Stones''. If you think your item fits into more than one category, list it in a 'Secondary Category' too

  • Choose Special Listings to give maximum exposure to your items on

    Copying of Images and Item Description users are not allowed to use another user's pictures or descriptions in their listings. Listings that violates's User Agreement can be closed by the team. Multiple violations of this policy can result in deactivation of your account.

     To report a problem Click here
    Always provide adequate evidence of the original source of your picture (e.g. the original source of the file etc) to the team. will initiate action:

  • If a seller takes someone else's picture and includes it in a listing

  • If a seller copies a substantial amount of another's description into his own listing.

    If the above cannot be established will not take any action on the item reported.

    Protect your picture from being copied by using:

  • A watermark on the image

  • Any sort of copyright

  • A particular object in the background while clicking your picture, which would make your image unique as compared to other sellers.

  • Offer Warranties and Guarantees

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    Always offer Warranties and Guarantees with your items. Buyers look for items with Guarantees and warrantees as this assures them that if there is a problem with the item they can either have it replaced or repaired or get their money back.

    Be courteous to your buyers

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    Good service is directly related to good sales. Buyers remember 'good sellers' and prefer to transact with such sellers repeatedly. Always be courteous and helpful to buyers. If a buyer has a problem or a query, try to solve it as early as possible. Be very clear and transparent in all your communication to the buyers.

    Give prompt ratings

    Give ratings to your buyers as soon as you complete the transaction. Giving feedback is important as it establishes you as a responsible seller and lets other sellers know of good buyers. You can rate the buyer by sending us a feedback on buyer

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