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Future Predictions

Paid members are given future prediction report based upon there horoscope reading by our astrologers. Paid members can also ask questions about any of there query related to astrology.

Horoscope Remedies

report on your personal horoscope remedies will be provided to all paid members. Members in premium plan can get horoscope remedies for any 3 persons. Horoscope remedies report can also be sent in printing but members should pay the applicable courier fees.

Full Astrologers Support

paid members will be given full support from our astrologers. You can put up as many questions anytime from our astrologers group within your subscription period.

No paid member is allowed to change the group assigned to them.

If in any case one wants to change the astrologers group then he/she should give us a satisfactory reason. Authorization for changing the group will be done by our Customer Care Team.

Group: We have divided various astrologers, vaastu experts, numerologists, feng shui masters, lalk kitab experts and others category into different groups. When every any member ask for a question then it is forwarded to a group assigned to them by the customer care team. The group study the complete horoscope and after doing the case study answers your query.


members get discount on all Products Marked  @ 10 % of the selling price.

Members in Premium plan get discount on all products Marked @15 % of selling price.

Selling Benefits

can upload picture with your selling items submitted on our site. All paid members get priority in listing category our FREE members. You can also categorize your product listing in our available listing category.


For example: Suppose if you are selling a Gem "Yellow Sapphire" then you can categorize in our listing "HOT" or "COOL" or "LATEST".

This product description will be available in our HOT listing page.


We will also give our members a unique graphic symbol which will be associated with each item they submit. condition is the member should have submitted at least 15 number of  items.

Online Chatting

this feature is under testing. It would be available to all paid members. You can chat with the astrologers and consult them online between our schedule time on the availability.

Birthday Gifts (for premium plan only)

paid member is given a "VARSHPHAL" horoscope on his/her birthday. Paid members can also apply for "VARSHPHAL" horoscope anytime in there subscription period.

Vaastu Advice (for premium plan only)

members in premium plan gets a facility of getting consultation about there vaastu queries. You can get personal consultation for your vaastu queries.

For example: you can ask our vaastu experts about a property before buying it.

You can also send us the map of your property, our vaastu experts will study it then you can chat them online and consult them about your queries.


For example: Suppose you send us a map of your house. We will study it and then in our schedule chatting time on availability you can any number of questions like where the beds are to be placed or where should we can place our dinning table etc.


Please note that paid members can send us there property map anytime but consultation on it will be available only in our schedule timing on the availability.

Complete Advertisement Profile Listing (CAPL)

all members get in CAPL:

  • Individual web page with complete business details. Add on page could get at a nominal cost of USD $20 or Inidan Rs. 200 for 6 month and for 12 month USD $36 or in Indian Rs. 400  (See a sample page).

  • Display two photograph.

  • Disclosing complete address details, so that customers could contact directly.

  • Any astroandvastu client from your country asking for the same services that you are providing will be directly linked to you i.e. you will be send his/her full detail and the client will be referred about you and your services.

    for example: A client from India asking for a astrologer service in India will be given a direct reference of yours if you are a astrologer. You will also get a e-mail about his/her details.

  • All members in CAPL plan will get more priority in advertisement listing over FREE members.

Economy Plan

Premium Plan

  Time period  USD  Indian Rs.  Time Period  USD  Indian Rs.
12 Months $ 200 Rs. 2000 12 Months $ 300 Rs. 3000
 6 Months $ 120 Rs. 1200  6 Months $ 180 Rs. 1800
 3 Months $   60 Rs.   600  3 Months $   90 Rs.   900
 1 Month $   25 Rs.   250  1 Month $   38 Rs.   375
Economy Plan + CAPL
(6 Month)
$ 220 Rs. 2400 Package:
Premium Plan + CAPL
(6 Month)
$ 280 Rs. 3000
Economy Plan + CAPL
 (12 Month)
$ 380 Rs. 4000 Package:
Premium Plan + CAPL
(12 Month)
$ 480 Rs. 5000
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