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What is Pujja?


Puja is nothing but a reflection of ones belief in God. It is a blind faith of a person in God. It is possible to reduce the suffering due to the unfavorable position of planets through sincere reliance on God, the One who controls the planets.



Planet Sex


Each and every planet nature is also define in astrology books, just like sun, mars, Jupiter are categorized in Male and moon, mercury are categorized as female.



Planets and the Taste


Sun: Pungent, Moon: Saline, Mercury: Mixed, Mars: Bitter



Parts of Body


Found here the certain parts of the body and as well as diseases. This Chart pinpoints the most likely troubles.



Birth stones have meanings. Do you know what they are? How did these stones get associated with different birthdays? This article will answer those questions

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Vaastu Maps

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How to Read this????

Astrology has much to reveal about you and your partner. Below are all signs listed with there personality behavior. Select a item below to gift to a particular sun sign to make you and your relation more better. For example If you want to gift a person whose sun sign is Aries then you could select to give Tower, freindship band, shri yanter, red coral malla or munga ring etc.. Try gifting according to astrology it will definitely increase your understanding and build much better relationship with your partner.

Aries Gift them...

Tower : every day
Shri Yanter : for all
Red Coral Malla : all friends
Munga Ring : very special


Taurus Gift them...

Jede Malla : sign of beauty
Zircon Ring : forever
Phoenix : power of nature
Wind Chime: symbol of thank


Gemini Gift them...

Coin Bend : mixture of luck
Meridian Duck : for destiny
Tiger's eye Malla : genteel
Camalian Ring : magical nap


Cancer Gift them...

Aroma Fish : greatest love
3 legs Frog : dominating
Pearl Ring : for peace
Pearl Malla : happiness


Leo Gift them...

Sunset Malla : energetic
Ruby Ring : hard working
Gold Boat : wealthy
Crystal Ball : crazy love


Virgo Gift them...

Globe Big : self explanatory
Tiger's Eye Band :different
Gomeda Malla : first choice
Aquamarine Ring : mark stone

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What is Pujja?