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What is Lal Kitab?    
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What is Pujja


Puja is nothing but a reflection of ones belief in God. It is a blind faith of a person in God. It is possible to reduce the suffering due to the unfavorable position of planets through sincere reliance on God, the One who controls the planets.



Branches of Astrology


There are different branches of Astrology. The main branches of astrology are Natal, Horary



Branches of Lal Kitab


These are some of the special features of Lal Kitab’s astrology. They may look strange but it should be remembered that the basis of astrology in Lal Kitab is palmistry. Some of these features are useful in suggesting remedies.



Diseases and Cure


If you are looking for astrology to link with health and diseases. Here is the solution to your question. Below are few links to some known disease

Do you know planets have therwe own features like there substances, sex, elements and also they have there own taste.

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what should I gift my partner? Can astrology help me?

Lal Kitab Lal Kitab is a single treatise written in old Urdu, with no mention of authorship; the reason as to why the writer chose to remain anonymous is not clear, but it seems that he was not interested in getting any credit. The Divine instruction to do so is also not ruled out. The conventional Hindu school of astrology is based on many great, voluminous works by our rishis and munis. The most famous and perhaps the most respected of these is Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, written by the great sage Maharishi Parashara. In view of this, the conventional Hindu school of astrology is frequently and justifiably referred to as the Parashari system of astrology. Needless to mention this and other similar texts are in Sanskrit, the literate language of India. The Parashari system is one of pure astrology and refrains from even mentioning other methods of Divination (foretelling) such as numerology and palmistry. This could be understood in light of the fact that astrology, palmistry and numerology have progressed in Indian sub-continent as independent, unrelated and hence competitive sciences. In contrast, the Lal Kitab is a treatise on astro-palmistry; astrology and palmistry complement and supplement each other instead of competing and deleting each other. Astrology and Lal Kitab For example, in Lal Kitab, if the sun is in 2nd house of a native's horoscope, he must possess a certain kind of sun-line in his palm. Since the hand is always available, the horoscope can be verified and even cast on the basis of the hand's print, called a palmoscope, for brevity. In Parashar Hora, the determining inputs for prediction are
i) the birth chart
ii) the influencing periods or dasas as they are called
iii) and the transit movement of planets called the gochar.
Indian astrology is unique in having the dasa system, the most popular of them being the vimsottari dasa system. The Lal Kitab refers only to the birth chart, and its own unique number chart to cast the Lal Kitab varshphal or yearly chart of the native. Predictions are made on the basis of the birth and the yearly chart cast. Lal Kitab: Do it Now! Needless to mention, Lal Kitab does not believe in the dasas and the gochar
d)Which one is the original Lal Kitab? While in the Parashari method, Sun is regarded as the king of all planets and hence the most important factor in the horoscope, in the Lal Kitab, Jupiter or Deva Guru Bhrispati ( the preceptor of all gods, including Sun ) is given the supreme status. Interpretations of placement of planets in rasis and houses vary greatly in both. For example Jupiter in Cancer in 1st house is regarded as excellent by Parashar pundits, the Lal Kitab considers this placement as average. Instead the best house for Jupiter is 2nd and not 1st , and Cancer is not the best sign for it. Similarly pisces for moon is bad and scorpio for moon is good in Lal Kitab ; the last part will amaze many because in Parashari school moon is debilitated in Scorpio.  Some Remedies of Lal Kitab are available on Instant Remedies Page.

Your personal Lalkitab Remedies Goes Here. Contact us for analyzing the horoscope in accordance with Lal-Kitab, of an individual, suggest unique remedial measures, to solve chronic and critical human problems in day to day life. These feature are available for Paid Members only.

Lal Kitab  Lal-Kitab remedies are cheap and within the reach of the common man and are infallible. Lal-Kitab has also explained the science of palmistry in such comportment that each of the 42 divisions of the human brain have been related to the different houses of a man's birth chart in such a scientific manner that the sketch of the human brain reflects accurately on the lines of the palm. Malefic in Dusthanas or inauspicious houses are normally considered to be a good placement. ....see some remedies


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What is Pujja?


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