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Numerology Numbers


Numerology is one of the branch of astrology. It deals with every aspect of life of anyone that may include when to buy, when to change your job, when to marry. Numerology is calculated from birth details.



Planet Sex


Each and every planet nature is also define in astrology books, just like sun, mars, Jupiter are categorized in Male and moon, mercury are categorized as female.



How to find my number?


It is very easy to find out your birth number through numerology. You simply write out your full ‘birth name’ on a piece of paper. It is important to use the full name you were born with, as this number will be the core of your basic personality traits. Then convert the letter of your name to the numbers.



Do you know planets have therwe own features like there substances, sex, elements and also they have there own taste.

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Quartz Tree

(Feng Shui Rose quartz Tree)

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Wear Rudraksha
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Choose Your Birthday Color

Birthday Date Your Color See Detail
Dec 23rd to 1st Jan Red Red
Jan 2nd to 11th Jan Orange Orange
Jan 12th to 24th Jan Yellow Yellow
Jan 25th to 3rd Feb Pink Pink
Feb 4th to 8th Feb Blue Blue
Feb 9th to 18th Feb Green Green
Feb 19th to 28th Feb Brown Brown
Mar 1st to 10th Mar Aqua Aqua
Mar 11th to 20th Mar Lime Lime
Mar 21st Black Black
Mar 22 to 31st Mar Purple Purple
Apr 1st to 10th Apr Navy Navy
Apr 11th to 20th Apr Silver Silver
Apr 21st to 30th Apr White White
May 1st to 14th May Blue Blue
May 15th to 24th May Gold Gold
May 25th to 3rd June Cream Cream
June 4th to 13th June Grey Grey
June 14th to 23rd June Maroon Maroon
June 24th Grey Grey
June 25th to 4th July Red Red
July 5th to 14th July Orange Orange
July 15th to 25th July Yellow Yellow
July 26th to 4th Aug Pink Pink
Aug 5th to 13th Aug Blue Blue
Aug 14th to 23rd Aug Green Green
Aug 24th to 2nd Sep Brown Brown
Sep 3rd to 12th Sep Aqua Aqua
Sep 13th to 22nd Sep Lime Lime
Sep 23rd Olive Olive
Sep 24th to 3rd Oct Purple Purple
Oct 4th to 13th Oct Navy Navy
Oct 14th to 23rd Oct Silver Silver
Oct 24th to 11th Nov White White
Nov 12th to 21st Nov Gold Gold
Nov 22nd to 1st Dec Cream Cream
Dec 2nd to 11th Dec Grey Grey
Dec 12th to 21st Dec Maroon Maroon
Dec 22nd Teal Teal
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Bhagavad-Gita and Yoga


Your personal Vastu guidance Goes Here. This feature is available for for analyzing of any your plot, factory, property or any offices etc.

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StoneGenerally gemstones are worn as part of measures to protect the wearer from the effects of planets not favorably placed in the horoscope, or of planets whose gochara (transit) effects may be harmful. But some believe that constantly wearing gemstones of well-placed planets will boost benefit. Some wear gemstones considered suitable as per date of birth (Sun Sign), and some go by the Maha Dasa and Bhukthi in operation. Praying to one's family deity and the respective planets and pilgrimages to shrines will help in addition to wearing the right gems.  Basic knowledge of gem/stone

what should I gift my partner? Can astrology help me?




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