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Planet & Taste


Every Planet has its own taste. Just like sun is pungent and moon is saline in taste



Signifies of Houses


First House: Fundamentally signifies body, besides fame, limbs, appearance, life, soul, habits, wisdom, mood, activity, age,



Planet Sex


Each and every planet nature is also define in astrology books, just like sun, mars, Jupiter are categorized in Male and moon, mercury are categorized as female.



Basic Gems Info


Because gemstones have been valued throughout recorded history for their beauty and rarity, they have also become associate.

Birth stones have meanings. Do you know what they are? How did these stones get associated with different birthdays? This article will answer those questions

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Discover Your-self

Reveal About Character
Aries Excited, Precipitate, Independent, Pioneering, Thoughtless, Excitable
Taurus Patient, Openhanded, Practical, Determined, Regular, Obstinate
Gemini Inquisitive, Versatile, Dexterous, Articulate, Cheering, Inconsistent
Cancer Defending, Gentle, Thinking, Changeable, Possessive, Obstinate
Leo Extravagant, Inspired, Dignified, Domineering, Zealous, Haughty
Virgo Meticulous, Grave, Analytical, Methodical, Sensible, Pedantic
Libra Diplomatic, Amenable, Charismatic, Loving, Courteous, Narcissistic
Scorpio Magnetic, Powerful, Secretive, Willful, Penetrating, Considerate
Sagittarius Cheerful, Freedom-loving, Idealistic, Philosophical, Sincere, Undisciplined
Capricorn Dutiful, Industrious, Devoted, Enduring, Ambitious, Self-seeking
Aquarius Humanitarian, Perceptive, Sociable, Detached, Individualistic, Bad-tempered
Pisces Sensitive, Self-sacrificing, Wistful, Compassionate, Imaginative, Fuzzy

Shape of Astrology Sign


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StoneGenerally gemstones are worn as part of measures to protect the wearer from the effects of planets not favorably placed in the horoscope, or of planets whose gochara (transit) effects may be harmful. But some believe that constantly wearing gemstones of well-placed planets will boost benefit. Some wear gemstones considered suitable as per date of birth (Sun Sign), and some go by the Maha Dasa and Bhukthi in operation. Praying to one's family deity and the respective planets and pilgrimages to shrines will help in addition to wearing the right gems.  Basic knowledge of gem/stone

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