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Basic Gems Info


Because gemstones have been valued throughout recorded history for their beauty and rarity, they have also become associate



Elements of Astrology


There are different elements in Astrology i.e. Arias, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and





I would not kill them, not for the three worlds, let alone the earth, O Krishna. I had rather they killed me.



Diseases and Cure


If you are looking for astrology to link with health and diseases. Here is the solution to your question. Below are few links to some known disease

Birth stones have meanings. Do you know what they are? How did these stones get associated with different birthdays? This article will answer those questions

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Vaastu Maps

Parts of Body and Trouble Spots

  Parts of Body Glands, Nerves and Arteries Possible Disorders
Aries Hand, brain, bones of face, eyes Pineal gland arteries to head Headaches, brain, acne, fainting,  fever, neuralgia
Taurus chin, Neck, throat, lower larynx, jaw, ears, tongue, vocal cords thyroid, tonsils, Jugular vein throat, inflammation, Laryngitis, goitre, tonsillitis
Gemini hands, fingers, upper ribs, Shoulders, arms trachea, thymus, Bronchial tubes, nervous system accidents to arms, Bronchitis, asthma, chest disorders, shoulders and hands
Cancer womb, ribs, Alimentary canal, sternum, digestive organs breasts, Pancreas heartburn, obesity, Gastric disorders
Leo Heart, upper back, spleen Spinal cord, aorta Back complaints, spinal meningitis, heart diseases
Virgo Intestines, abdomen Lower dorsal nerves Bowel diseases, indigestion, colic, intestinal infection
Libra haunches to buttocks, Kidneys, lumbar region, lumbar nerves, Adrenal glands, blood vessels lumbago, Kidney and bladder disorders, eczema, abscesses
Scorpio Bladder, coccyx, cervix, anus, sex organs prostate gland, Genito-urinary system Bladder disorders, genito-urinary diseases, prostate or menstrual problems, piles
Sagittarius Hips, thighs, pelvis, sacrum, liver arterial system, Sciatic nerves Injuries and diseases of hips and thighs, liver disorders, sciatica, paralysis of limbs
Capricorn knees, Bones Skin Rheumatism, skin complains, knee injuries, bone diseases
Aquarius Ankles, calves, shins Circulatory system poor circulation, Calf and ankle injuries, varicose veins, blood diseases, heart palpitations
Pisces Feet and toes Lymphatic system, pituitary gland lymphatic and glandular disorders, Bunions, chilblains, drink and drug problems


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Disease and its cure

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StoneGenerally gemstones are worn as part of measures to protect the wearer from the effects of planets not favorably placed in the horoscope, or of planets whose gochara (transit) effects may be harmful. But some believe that constantly wearing gemstones of well-placed planets will boost benefit. Some wear gemstones considered suitable as per date of birth (Sun Sign), and some go by the Maha Dasa and Bhukthi in operation. Praying to one's family deity and the respective planets and pilgrimages to shrines will help in addition to wearing the right gems.  Basic knowledge of gem/stone

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